2009 Yaş Alymlar Simpozium, Chicago - Sessions



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Turkmen Young Scholars Symposiums Series. As an essential component of its mission, Turkmen-American Scholars Association hosts annual symposiums in various locations within the United States. In these symposiums, Turkmen students, scholars and businessmen from the US as well as other countries of the world come together in an inspiring environment where they share their personal experiences and form new bonds of friendship and collaboration towards the common goal of advancing science, technology and education in Turkmenistan. An important mission of these symposiums is to establish grounds for constructive interactions between the government officials and the Turkmen students, scholars and businessmen studying or working abroad. Another important goal that we hope to realize in near future is to create a potential platform of collaboration between the American and Turkmen scientists, educators and entrepreneurs. We hope that the symposium series will become a stage of excellence in the Turkmen science and education. Our first symposium was held in Dallas, TX, in June 13-15, 2007. The following year, in 2008, the symposium was held in Houston, TX, in June 12-14. The third symposium of the Turkmen-American Scholars Association was held in Chicago,IL where guests from Columbus, Ohio and New York offered to host the next symposium in their cities.

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